I have inherited a deep passion for the sea from my family, who are originally from Salento in Apulia. For several years, my occupation led me to sail across the Mediterranean and beyond on large sailing yachts and enabled me hone my skills in the art of hospitality.

I choose to settle in Sydney, Australia for a long period where I learnt to love the silent and wild beauty of the great outdoors. Upon my return to Matera, this helped me to rediscover a landscape that I previously took for granted. Now, every morning when I open my windows’ shutters I still get dazzled by the sight of so much beauty. I feel privileged to live in this place and in this house.

In the course of my travels I have seen many places and met many people with whom I have often shared strong bonds and emotions. Now, I open the doors of this family home to travellers, welcoming them and offering them a memorable experience.

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Ancient house

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SOLOSUD temporary home lies in the very heart of the Sassi of Matera. The old house
dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries and has undergone several renovations over
the years, all in compliance with its historical value.

My brother, Daniele, began to restore the house at the end of the 1970s even though it remained uninhabited for several years.

The house interiors were decorated to give an idea of how the Sassi dwellings were before they were abandoned in the 1950s.
Every detail has been carefully chosen and handcrafted.

The guests will find spacious rooms with a special atmosphere, where the reinterpretation of “living with simplicity” evokes the old traditions of this land.
In order to emphasize our underlying concept of original harmony, we opted not to introduce contemporary technological elements such as TVs and HI-FIs both on aesthetical and on emotional grounds.

The location is ideal for those visiting the Sassi.
The house faces the charming panorama of the Murgia Park with the Gravina “canyon”, the square of San Pietro Caveoso, the Madonna de Idris and the whole Sasso Caveoso. SOLOSUD is within walking distance of all major attractions of historical and artistic interest, as well as restaurants, cafes, craft shops and boutiques with the Duomo and the city centre just behind the house.

Info and Services

  • Check-in from 2 pm to 6 pm.
  • Guests arriving after 6 pm are kindly requested to notify in advance their expected time of arrival.
  • Check-out from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.
  • Tourist information will be made available on your arrival and during your stay.
  • Spoken languages: Italian, English, French.
  • On request: photocopier, booking of guided tours and of taxi.
  • A continental breakfast, including a range of local produce, is served in the house kitchen, a cosy and beautiful room with a stunning view over the San Pietro Caveoso square and the Murgia Park.
  • On request a gluten-free breakfast can be prepared.
  • Comfortable walking shoes and lightweight luggage is recommended.
  • The Sassi district is a restricted-traffic zone. Please contact us for information on access times and parking areas prior to your arrival.

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